Latest LIFNano Publication

Dr Su Metcalfe's new academic paper has been published in the Journal "Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders" entitled "LIF and multiple sclerosis: One protein with two healing properties".


1. Brief commentary
Great strides are being made towards improved therapy for multiple sclerosis (MS), currently treatable by disease modifying therapies (DMT) that slow disease progression but fail to stop it. One such new- comer is delivery of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF), a stem cell growth factor with the potential to both prevent progression and repair disease-damaged neuroglia within the central nervous system (CNS). Indeed, part of LIF's role in the body is to protect and sustain brain health. Here I make a case for LIF, available today "off the shelf", to be brought to the clinic as a treatment for MS using nanotechnology to harness and deliver LIF to the brain: a game changer for people with MS.

There is currently 50 days' free access to the article, allowing everyone to view it before May 09, 2018, click here to access it.

Arnold Kristoff